Wednesday, January 04, 2012


I’ve been using block and white products for years now. I’m a fan of their soaps and lotion. I have fair complexion so, I don’t need whitening products anymore. I’m not after their whitening effect but in their “blocking” power. Since I use this, my color never change (it does change but minimal only) even if I stay long hours in sun exposure. I stopped using this last summer because I’m planning to have a tan looking skin. After few hours of sun exposure, I did get tan.

I want to try this block and white ultima’s whitening power, because the product claims “intensive whitening” so this is the best time to try it! After two weeks my color, lightens again. It went back the way it was before. I’m really surprised! I even told my friend about it, and she also tried it. And yes, after few weeks her skin is light again.

This product itself is a bit watery but no big deal. The watery type makes it easier to apply and easily absorbed by the skin. In terms of the smell, though it’s not the best smelling lotion I ever tried, it’s just fine with me.

  • Easy to apply 
  • Non greasy 
  • Really whitens my skin (maybe it depends on the skin’s epidermal layer)
  • moisturizes my skin
  • none!


Available at all leading department stores nationwide for only P199 (100ml).


  1. where can i usually buy some stocks of b&w ultima from san fernando pampanga

  2. hi! try checking out SM Department Store or Hypermart.. i'm not so sure if they already discontinued this one but, i'm also having hard time to find this, this past few months.. always OOS..

    thanks for dropping by in my blog!